Additional Information

Additional Information beyond the Documents

The documents provide students with only fragments of evidence. Answers should include relevant information from beyond the documents—information that students have learned from their classroom study. The following list suggests some of the concepts, people, and events from outside study that students might use in their essays.

Transcontinental railroad, 1863
Transcontinental railroad completed, 1869
Immigration of Chinese and Irish to work on railroad
Sharpshooters to ward off Indian attacks
Population impact of the transcontinental railroad
Gold is discovered in Dakota, 1874
Sioux defeat the U.S. Army at Little Bighorn, 1876
Geronimo surrenders, 1886
Oklahoma is opened, 1889
Wounded Knee Massacre
Buffalo Soldiers
Tribes (Pawnee, Sioux) using buffalo for all parts of life
Mining motivated people to move west
Chief Joseph
Sitting Bull
George A. Custer
Closing of the West, 1890