Scoring Guide

Rubric and Scoring Guide

(adapted for Mini- DBQ)
Score Comment
8–9 (93–100) 1. Contains a clear, well-developed thesis that includes the three topics that have to do with impact on Native Americans (PERSIA).
2. Supports thesis with relevant information.
3. Uses most documents effectively.
4. Understands the complexity of the question.
5. Analyzes more than describes.
6. May contain insignificant errors.
5–7 (84–92) 1. Contains a clear thesis that only discusses one of the effects on Native Americans.
2. Uses some factual information.
3. Uses few of the documents.
4. Does not show understanding of the complexity of the question.
5. Contains limited analysis that is mostly description.
6. May contain minor errors.
2–3 (70–83) 1. Lacks a thesis, simply restates the question.
2. Lacks supporting information or contains only superficial support.
3. Quotes or briefly cites documents.
4. Contains no analysis.
5. May contain major errors.
0–1 (0–69) 1. Contains incomplete, incompetent, or inappropriate response.
2. May paraphrase the question, shows little understanding.