Invention: Document Questions

Documents A and B

These are pictures of American factories, the first from 1881, the second from 1918. The pictures show the changes due to the growth of industry.

1. List the changes to factories in this time (1881–1918).

2. What does a larger factory require that a smaller factory doesn't?

3. What role did industrialization play in the growth of this factory?

Document C

Victoria Byerly, Hard Times Cotton Mills Girls

1. List reasons why children would work in the mills.

2. On the basis of the document, what can you infer about Bertha's formal education?

Document D

Victoria Byerly, Hard Times Cotton Mill Girl.

1. What were the weekly hours and wages for textile workers?

2. Why would people want to work in the mills?

Document E

Contract between Ratterree & Dunlop and Thomas Whitesides in 1869 in York, South Carolina.

1. According to the contract, what are the occupations of the two men?

2. Why was the contract written?