Outside Information

Outside Information Stamp Act Congress
Repeal of Stamp Act
Direct vs. indirect taxation
Committees of Correspondence
Sons of Liberty/Daughters of Liberty
Development of self-sufficient economy
Taxation without representation
Fragmentation of views based on social-economic levels
Desire for true representative democracy
The developed East Coast vs. developing West
Salutary neglect
Non-importation agreements
Boston Tea Party
Excise agents
Intolerable/Coercive Acts
Writs of Assistance
Tea Act
“Give me liberty or give me death”
British Empire
Lack of colonial unity
Power of British Army and Navy
Individuality of colonists
Olive Branch Petition
First Continental Congress
Declaration of Independence
Seizing personal property
Desperation of patriots
Peer pressure for viewpoint
Landed elite
Established state religion (Anglican)
Freedom of religion
Religious persecution
Maintenance of status quo
Thomas Paine’s Common Sense