Scoring Guide

DBQ Scoring Guide
Score Comment
8–9 1. Addresses different views of revolutionaries and loyalists with a well-developed thesis.
2. Presents effective analysis of political, religious, economic, and social aspects in relation to the views.
3. Demonstrates sophisticated use of several documents.
4. Supports thesis with substantial and relevant outside information.
5. Shows evidence of a clearly organized and well-written essay.
6. May contain minor errors.
5–7 1. Contains a thesis that addresses differences in viewpoints without a comprehensive understanding.
2. Deals with only one aspect of the question in some depth, or deals with two or three in a more general way. Limited analysis, mostly descriptive.
3. Uses some documents effectively.
4. Supports thesis with some outside information.
5. Shows evidence of acceptable organization and writing. May contain errors that do not seriously detract from quality of essay.
2–3 1. Presents a limited, confused, and/or poorly developed thesis.
2. Deals with one or two aspects of question in a general way or all aspects in a superficial way; explanation is simplistic.
3. Quotes or briefly cites document.
4. Contains little outside information, or information that is inaccurate or irrelevant.
5. May contain major errors.
0–1 1. Contains no thesis.
2. Exhibits an inadequate or inaccurate understanding of question.
3. Contains little or no understanding of documents or ignores them completely.
4. Contains inappropriate or no outside information.
5. Contains numerous errors, both major and minor.