Lesson Two

Objective: To organize information obtained by observation and order it in historical sequence; to use evidence to support hypotheses. To discuss, analyze, and interpret information.

1. A few days before conducting this activity assign portions of the essay for reading. If your students have Internet access, they can read the essay online. Be aware, however, that the photo list contains some of the same images that illustrate the essay. Therefore, students may be able to find the answers to Question 2 below, if they click on the images when reading the essay online. One way to avoid this problem is by printing out the text-only version of the site and assigning from there.

The photographs are ONLY available online; the Smithsonian Office of Education cannot provide print copies.

2. Ask students to decide the order of all fifteen photographs, from oldest to most recent, and to list the order on a piece of paper. Alert students that some of the photographs were taken in the same year or era. They should also write down the reasons why they came to their conclusions.

3. In a class discussion ask students to explain and defend their choices, citing evidence in the photographs and from their reading.

4. Confirm the correct order of photographs using the chart below and discuss any discrepancies between students' choices and the available evidence.