Sample Think-Aloud

I know I am going to have to think about how each region is the same or different in order to decide where the object would most likely be found. I know that the fruits in the basket grow on trees and that trees need fertile soil in order to grow, as does corn. The soil in the Atlantic Coastal Plain is fertile but it is very light and airy like sand. I am not sure how well fruit trees would grow there. I have seen a lot of corn growing on my way to the beach, but I haven’t seen a lot of fruit trees or orchards. The soil in the Piedmont Plateau is rocky but very fertile. I know that there are a lot of trees in that region. I think you might find the objects in the basket growing on the Piedmont Plateau. I should think about the Appalachian region before I make my final decision. I don’t think you would find cornfields in the mountains. All the cornfields I have seen are on flat land. The fruit must be found in the Piedmont Plateau region. The corn could be found in the Piedmont Plateau or the Coastal Plains Region.