Lesson Plan:

State Regions

By Abbi Schellhass

In this lesson, students learn how physical characteristics can define regions of a state. They explore their homes and backyards to find objects that represent their own state. They identify the region of their state in which an object might be found. In a classroom museum, they display the objects according to regions.

Although the lesson is specific to Maryland, the format can be adapted to any state.


Two sixty-minute periods, with two days between for student homework.


  • Objects representative of regions of Maryland (oyster shell; piece of coal; wheat; basket of apples, pears, peaches, and corn)
  • A wall map or overhead transparency of state
  • Student text describing each geographic region in the state
  • Preparation

    Choose a location in the classroom for the museum. Within this location, designate an area for each geographic region. Label these areas.