About Smithsonian Source

This website reflects the work of several groups of teachers who conducted research at the Smithsonian and other national historical organizations. For this reason, some of the primary sources included in Smithsonian Source are not from the Smithsonian collections. Teachers also chose the historical topics on the site, and these categories reflect their curricula rather than the terminology or organizational methods of the Smithsonian Institution.

The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies (SCEMS) would like to thank the following organizations and individuals, as well as everyone in the Smithsonian units represented on this site.

SCEMS has been a partner in a series of Teaching American History grants bestowed on the following school districts by the U.S. Department of Education:

Montgomery County Public Schools under the direction of

  • Marty Creel, program supervisor, pre-K-12 social studies
  • Jennifer Sublette, Teaching American History grant project manager,2000-01
  • Debra Delavan, Teaching American History grant project manager,2001-04
  • Leslie Grimmell, elementary-school social studies specialist

In partnership with

  • Judy Gaines, director, Paul Peck Humanities Institute, Montgomery College
  • Bruce VanSledright, associate professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland, College Park

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools under the direction of

  • Becky Finger, social studies specialist and program director
  • Carol Solomon, Teaching American History grant project coordinator, 2002-04
  • Barbara Deaver, Teaching American History grant project assistant, 2004-05

 In partnership with

  • Mariruth Leftwich-Wurdeman, head of education at the Charlotte Museum of History
  • Robin Morris, educator at the Levine Museum of the New South

Creighton School Districtunder the direction of

  • Sharon Rosenthal, social studies coordinator
  • Cathy Poplin, Teaching American History grant project director, 2003-04
  • Michael McCabe, Teaching American History grant project director, 2004-05
  • Stephanie DeMar, Teaching American History grant project coordinator
  • LeeAnn Lindsey, Teaching American History grant project coordinator

In partnership with

  • Brian Gratton, Arizona State University
  • Shelley Uram, Teachers Curriculum Institute

The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies has enjoyed a long partnership with Advanced Placement/College Board. In 2004, after coauthoring the teaching publication Artifacts and Analysis, SCEMS and the College Board teamed up to create a week-long interactive seminar for advanced teachers of AP U.S. history.  Many thanks to:

  • Michael Johanek,executive director, K-12 professional development, College Board
  • Lawrence Charap, head, History and Social Sciences Content Development Group; associate director, College Board
  • Lynell Engelmeyer, History Lab program coordinator, College Board, 2003-04
  • Kate Torbert, History Lab program coordinator, College Board, 2003-2005

The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies also extends its appreciation to the individuals who have served as consultants on the above-mentioned programs:

  • Rocky Connell
  • Mike Henry
  • Carson Herrington
  • Loma Ishii
  • Jackie Moore
  • Trudy Todd

This site would not have been possible without the support and participation of the following educators. Their names may also appear on content they authored.

Montgomery County Public School, 2001-03

  • Myke Allred
  • David Diamond
  • Cyndi Frederickson
  • Francis Lotz
  • Eulane Mellon
  • Abbi Schellhaas
  • Linda Schneider
  • Marge Stembel

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, 2003-04

  • Paige Anderson
  • Mike Bradley
  • Elizabeth Brooks-Gordon
  • Mary Jo Cardamone
  • Colleen Casey
  • Jarma Chisholm
  • Uche Clark
  • Ken Cook
  • Barbara Deaver
  • Tamara Dial
  • Stacy Douglas
  • Thomas Draeger
  • Alexandra Edwards
  • Brian Freeland
  • Robin Girardi
  • Chloe Gordon
  • Angela Green
  • Lanette Grey
  • Justin Holt
  • Billy Hopkins
  • Jeff Joyce
  • Nancy Kute
  • Todd Lee
  • Sonya McInnis
  • Michelle Natoli
  • Linda Nore
  • Teresa Pardee
  • Bryan Patrick
  • Chris Range
  • Larry Range
  • Anne Sutton
  • Jessica Sutton
  • Laura Thompson
  • Aseelah Uhuru
  • Lisa Valentine
  • Vickie Waddell
  • Curt Williams
  • Deborah Williams
  • Andrea Winston

Creighton School District, 2004-05

  • Yolanda Arriola
  • Janice Atwood
  • Nicole Calabresi
  • Olinda Ciminski
  • Erin Corcoran
  • Juan Esquer
  • olivia free-woman
  • Stacie Fuller
  • Jaclyn Kordell
  • Melinda Krider
  • Shamolee Madril
  • Deb Muniz
  • Lisset Navarro
  • Heather Strevay
  • Bryan Wiese

AP/College Board Smithsonian History Lab 2004

  • Alison Bach
  • Kevin Behne
  • Bryon Boyd
  • Shannon Brayboy
  • William A. Brown
  • Stephen Heck
  • Patricia Hutman
  • Lomayumtewa Ishii
  • Brock Lehman
  • Linda Lewis
  • Timmy Locklear
  • Mara Lytle
  • Amanda Meatyard
  • Pamela Montague
  • Thomas Murray
  • Mai Lien Nguyen
  • Michael Tulee
  • Michael Weiss
  • Williard Zunie