Colonial America

This section is intended to supplement the curricula, textbooks, and materials you currently use for lessons on the colonial period. The teacher-developed resources in the section will enhance the classroom experience for both you and your students.

You might get started by showing the video, in which a Smithsonian forensic anthropologist examines skeletons for clues to daily life in the Jamestown settlement.

The lesson plans and DBQs are organized by grade level. The DBQ primary sources can stand alone in DBQ exercises. Images of the primary sources are independent of any extensive explanatory information, so that the images can be used as handouts.

Click on the links at right side of this page to find:

  • A high school DBQ on clashes between loyalist and revolutionary colonists (1764-76)
  • Elementary school lesson plans on Pocahontas (1595-1617), the Stamp Act (1760s), colonial and revolutionary money, and the role of women in the Revolutionary War (1770-90)